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Welcome in The Credibility Site!

Welcome to The Credibility Site.

Site's Target
What We develop?
What: we develop a web site about Credibility's concepts.
Definition: Credibility is the main vehicle which guides the trust, reliance, related to competence's grade, in web site, for: a person, a name, a brand or any product. The Credibility is a Science still in a developing process, which gather many subjects as: Psychology, Marketing and Informatics.
Our target is to develop a
complete and exhaustive site
about Credibility, advanced
and based in the innovation.

Do you want join with us?
Who should: All those interested in the subject, in level as: Students, Teachers, Universitaries, Enterprises, Governments, etc.
How to join: with personal opinion, courses, web links, etc.
Send your feedback to feedback@thecredibility.org
Multi-disciplines analysis on
the related subjects.
- Case studies integrations
- Scientific and didactic documentations
Who is involved
Thank for help us on The Credibility Test!!
The Credibility Test checked out!
We thanks all for the big help and cooperation to discover the credibility secrets!
Everyone involved by the
theme Credibility: Students, Teachers, Analysts, Managers, Professionals, Managers,
Project Leaders, Programmers, etc.
The Credibility Awards

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The Credibility, is an actual,
complex and important needs,
subject to make a complete
analysis, a wide expert's group
of different skills and
If do You want more information
or have experience about, please,
write to:

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